NetFlix Vol 4

Star Trek Voyager – good series but why the hell don’t they use seat belts?
Merlin – best series follows current myth pretty closely. Loved final scene.
Crip Camp – lame, pun intended
Killer Klowns from outer space – funny horror.
Sherlock – not a fan of latest rendition.
Tiger King – boring hillbilly documentary
All Hail King Julien – love this
The new legend of Monkey – funny
Money Heist – Okay
Blacklist – just watched first episode, it was tremendous!

Netflix Vol 3

Greetings from the quarantine room.
Special shout out to Tony for the back-up button hint and sister dearest Danielle for using subtitles for the hard to understand British shows.
Yes, I am watching a lot. These are listed in no order except must see, maybe see

Must see:
The Great British Baking Show
Last Tango in Halifax
The Repair Shop
Beauty and the Beast
Star Trek Voyager
Marco Polo
Mr Right
Groundhog Day
Happy Valley
Driving Miss Daisy
The Indian Detective
The Last Kingdom
Cheer Squad

Maybe see:
Twin Peaks
Wynonna Earp
Queen Sono
About Time
Gridiron Gang

Wild Wild Country
Revenge of the Green Dargons
The Good Cop

Invisible Man

Maybe Go
If I’m not mistaken, every version of the invisible man has always had the plot of the man using his miracle of science to do something creepy to a woman.
The biggest trouble with this movie is the unbelievable loud and poor soundtrack. It really spoils this film. As far as the story goes it is pretty routine horror. I prefer the 1933 sci-fi horror treat, where Claude Rains is wrapped in bandages.

Call of the Wild

Must See
If you like Harrison Ford, or dogs, or animals, or nature, or great feel good stories, or all of the above, you will enjoy this movie. I can’t really think of anything bad about it. She who must be obeyed and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Netflix Vol 2

Best shows I’ve been watching:
Merlin – don’t miss
Marco Polo – don’t miss
Star Trek Voyager – good
Shannara – good , loved the books
The Last Kingdom – don’t miss, written by author of Sharpe books.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – good
Cheers – good

Shows to be seen:
The Lobster – acquired taste
Swiss Army Man

The Gentleman

Must Go
I have not had this much fun watching a movie in a long time, so do not miss it. We don’t really get movies like this anymore. This is a whole different class of film.
Charlie Hunnam is legitimately scary. McConaughey nails his role. Colin Farrell has a great comedic role. A special mention goes out to Hugh Grant, who is far removed from his pigeonholed romantic comedy role to deliver a fantastic performance.
The script is crisp and witty, the continual plot twists keep you on your toes. There’s only one rule in the jungle: when the lion’s hungry, he eats!


Must Go
While 1917 is realistically gruesome, director Sam Mendes depicts the horrors of war – beautifully. By that I mean, even the most horrifying and sad shots in the film, while highly stimulating in the aesthetic and emotional sense, are never extremely graphic, and you are never hit over the head with it. 1917, in this way, is a beautiful artistic masterpiece, never straying close to being shock art, but not holding back at the same time.
There is an especially touching scene in a bombed-out town where paths are crossed with a French woman (Claire Duburcq) caring for an orphaned infant. It’s a reminder that humanity still exists, even within the bounds of war.
A great film.

Netfix, shows I’ve watched so far!

The Witcher
I had to watch this twice. The story is confused timelines and once you get over that this is fabulous.

Follow Walt a Wyoming sheriff in present day. Very good series.

A.J. and the Queen
A sweet travel series with Rue Paul. Funny and endearing.

Strictly Ballroom
Ok, this got tears from me. Very good.

Michelle Wolf Joke Show
I liked, She who must be obeyed did not.

Peaky Blinders
Hated it left early

Wanda Sykes Not Normal
Loved it

Kung Fu Hustle
Ok, but don’t recommend

Pee Wee’s Big Holiday
Skip this one

The Irishman
Too long, too boring

The Two Popes

Lost in Space
Loved season one.

El Camino
Find out what happened to Jesse.


Ballad of Buster Scruggs
Only liked first story.

Hold the Dark
A snoozer.

Hell on Wheels
Lost interest by episode three

Little Woman

An enjoyable period drama about the growing up and loves of a group of sisters in 1800’s America. Superb acting from the cast and a great depiction of the presentation of the era, although it is all a bit too clean and idyllic at times. There isn’t a strong single plot but instead a selection of events which are interesting enough and never dull.