Xmen Days of Future Past

Time travel movies are always a little dicey. This one works but why did they not go further back in time to solve their problems. Why not go back to when Peter Dinklage was in college and frame him for cheating so he could not get a good job?
So the Wolverine goes back to 1972 when is it when he returns and awakens in the movie? 2022? But many of the “dead” Xmen are back alive! It is best not to dwell on all the anomalies.
Go, you will enjoy another entry from the Marvel universe.

Crown Princess Cruise



Tom Terrific and Nice Noreen just came back from the Alaskan glacier fields. Who knew they were blue and noisy. The glaciers not us!
We spent eight days eating and sleeping. The best breakfast was at the Red Onion Brothel. The hostess , Laci Knickers, was hilarious.
Unbelievably, my balcony room was upgraded to a mini suite. Everything worked out seamlessly from the flight to Anchorage, The bus ride to the boat, the great food, to the shuttle bus back to the car waiting at Sea Tac.


No Go
She who must be obeyed urges everyone not to go to this movie.
“Seth Rogen movies are like that beautiful donut in the display case. It looks wonderful, the yeasty sugary smell is enticing and the first bite is a nightmare. Why-o-why did I use up my calorie budget on this piece of trash.” says SWMBO.
This movie is a continuation of cheap marijuana and penis jokes. The worst part is the overt product placement of AT&T and Abercrombie and Fitch. You may as well watch a catalogue. The only redeeming thing in the movie is Lisa Kudrow as the Dean of the College. Well, I guess the baby is pretty cute too. That is not enough reason to spend your money on this flick.

Tim’s Vermeer

This is a fascinating documentary about Inventor Tim Jenison’s journey to replicate the painting technique of Vermeer.
Johannes Vermeer (1632 – 1675) was a self taught photo realist painter before the invention of photography. No one knew how he did his paintings because he did not leave any notes. Tim Jenison who is not a painter but a brilliant scientist wanted to discover how Vermeer did it. He discovered a technique using a camera obscura and a mirror. He convinced me that it was the technique of how the paintings were accomplished. Take a look at Girl with Pearl Earring.
The movie is produced and directed by Penn Jillette and his silent partner Teller. Tim wound up with a beautiful rendition of The Music Lesson after five years of work.

Spiderman 2

Maybe go
When the best part of a film is the two cameos by Stan Lee you know something is amiss.
This film has a lot of action that is pretty good but the story is the same one from the last three Spiderman movies, except this has Gwen Stacy (the beautiful Emma Stone) instead of Mary Jane.
I loved Sally Field as Aunt May; but it makes me feel old that one of my heart throbs (The Flying Nun) is the old lady. I should have been used to it after she played Mrs. Lincoln.

To Marvel: Quit rebooting Spiderman. We all know the story and angst he has about great powers mean great responsibilities. Move on to a great adventure story with less kissing.