Really good acting, especially 11/12 year old Raffey Cassidy’s (Athena) who manages to be both convincingly robotic and also human enough to be empathized with.
Hugh Laurie as David Nix, a main villain (evil or not)? It has a young girl as a heroine who is not all sexed out or tough or dull eyed and boring. Britt Robertson as Casey Newton, the curious girl who found an unusual pin and then showed it to Frank, George Clooney (a former boy genius).
Honestly, just sit back, let down your critical barriers and enjoy the magic of cinema.
This movie is about the future and how to save our planet. This movie will not appeal to negative people. If you consider yourself a positive person, a dreamer, or a visionary… go see this film and be inspired. Seriously, if everyone could take to heart the message of this film, we could very well change the world.

Mad Max


Do you like a movie with NO story and NO character development? Me neither. Nothing here but a bunch of morons driving through the desert. Save your money.

Pitch Perfect 2

Must Go

If you liked the first one you will love this one.
The final performance is outstanding. The cameo of Robin is surprising. This is all about Girrl Power. I think Anna Kendrick is terrific. There is a small nod to her cups song. Fat Amy is back with her funny, sarcastic self.
Acapella really rocks. The mash ups are very clever, watch how the beat slowly increases so each performance is a little better until the Barden Bellas knock it out of the park!

Ex Machina

Must Go
An excellent sci-fi film, a morality tale of artificial intelligence with echoes of Blade Runner. It is very timely with the current warnings from Steve Wozniak and Stephan Hawking that we are digging our own graves. Where is Issac Asimov with his three laws of robotics?
“Danger, Will Robinson!!”
Ava takes her place among the pantheon of great robots / androids. Some of the honorable mentions: Data from Star Trek, Ash from Aliens, Marvin from Hitchhikers Guide, Roy, Rachael, Pris from Blade Runner, Baymax from Big Heroes 6, and of course Bender from Futurama to name way too few.
She who must be obeyed had some very insightful comments when we left this movie. You will enjoy it too!

Avengers Age of Ultron


You will leave the theater exhausted! It is great to see all the super heroes. There are a lot of jokes in this movie, we all laughed out loud at several of the jokes. I wish they used Hawkeye better he seems kind of weak compared to the other heroes; but we do get to meet his family. The Scarlet Witch is a good addition, hope her brother Quicksilver makes it to the next movie. The story is really pretty weak but all the heroes get screen time. The movie is about Tony Stark aka Dr. Frankenstein making a monster come to life against the wishes of everyone else.
This is what is called a block buster movie if you like something arty this ain’t it.