Free Fire

No Go
An hour long shootout in an abandoned warehouse. The problem with this seemingly never ending shootout, complete with guns which hold about 96 bullets each and characters who are shot multiple times, only to show no ill effects, is that it never looks real. It is an entire film peopled with one dimensional characters that we don’t care if they survive or not.
Save your money.

The Fate of the Furious


“Nothing is necessary. Everything is choice…”

The film has raised the bar for silliness, that’s for sure, but my gosh, if you are a fan of the franchise, this is wonderful stuff. It’s just a bonkers films, from the initial race, to the prison break, to the submarine with heat seeking missile, to the quite spooky zombie car scene.

From start to finish, I didn’t have complaints, it had some decent twists but overall, you can predict things easily, however the fun lies in action and team comedic timing.

The banter between the cast is as good as the action, and whenever The Rock, Statham, and Russell are on screen, the dialogue crackles. Theron is wonderful as the elusive Cipher, and although the franchise has had its fair share of pantomime villains, she is by far the most dangerous one the gang have faced. And then there’s Helen Mirren.

The story might not always make sense but this is a big dumb action movie which entertains.

The Zookeeper’s Wife

THE ZOOKEEPER’S WIFE dutifully depicts the complacent Polish Jews of the 1930s promising to return to their homes after Hitler’s Third Reich is over. As we all know, unless their ashes miraculously drifted back like homing pigeons from Adolph’s Death Camp Crematoria to their burned-out original residences, these proved to be hollow, unfulfilled promises. ZOOKEEPER’S final credits state that Warsaw LOST 94% of its overall population by the end of World War Two.
Set on the background of the Wola Massacre in Warsaw during World War 2, this film is much like the other Holocaust films. It is important to highlight people who are brave enough to defy the thugs that bully a population. Especially in our current climate.
The film felt a little long to me and poorly edited. Your best bet is to wait for the dvd.