Lion King

Must Go
Hakuna Matata
This movie is Amazing!!! The imagery and colors are remarkable.
You just can’t help but admire the amount of work they have put into the visuals and the cinematography. I’m truly grateful that I’m living in this era to be able to watch such an amazing remake of the cartoon. The music was phenomenal. BeyoncĂ© really brought Nala to life but the show stealers were Seth Rogen as Pumba and Billy Eichner as Timon.
It is an unparalleled viewing experience.

Spider-Man: Far from Home

Maybe Go
Same jokes, same villains, same great visuals, same predictable writing, same dialogues, same as the 30 marvel movies before it.
Loved Zendaya as MJ, and her deadpan delivery. Hated Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, way too young and sexy for Uncle Ben of “with great power comes great responsibility”
The flow of the movie is very predictable and dull, and the writing is sub-par even for a “fun action movie”. Perhaps I would enjoy it if I was 15 instead of 70, since a lot of the dialogues and events depicted in the film are very childish, and it seems as though the targeted audience was exclusively teenagers. Very corny, unoriginal & predictable writing.
Save your money.


This film is an absolutely beautiful story that depicts the Beatles’ success in a unique and brilliant way.
Himesh Patel (Jack Malik) is absolutely perfect for his role. Lily James (Ellie Appleton) is also the perfect person for her role as she depicts a very sweet school teacher who has been desperate for Jack to love her since they met. This is also why the romantic element in this film is flawless and heartwarming, particularly towards the end of the film.
The film is also very funny and all the cast do an excellent job of making the audience laugh. Ed Sheeran (playing himself) is hilarious and I am very glad that he agreed to be a part of this film.
Do you enjoy the Beatles and their songs? Comedy? Romance? Fantasy? If you enjoy any of these things, I guarantee you will love this film!