The Equalizer

Well, you know that you can’t go wrong with Denzel Washington. This film is reminiscent of Man on Fire and the Bourne movies. The action is fantastic, the story line is great and the acting is wonderful.
If you remember the TV show, it was a little more cerebral than this. But you could not display the explosions and fight scenes like the movie. She who must be obeyed really enjoyed the movie too!

Man of La Mancha

at Seattle Musical Theatre
To dream the impossible dream. Do you have a Dulcinea? Why do I cry all the way through this?
When the overture starts I am extremely concerned Lori Shepardon in the reeds is very weak or is it just the sound mixer? Then Don Quixote (Jeff Church) comes out and starts singing. What an incredible voice but with all the great songs will the rest of the cast measure up? Excuse me; Sancho (Dustyn Moir) is even better. Well that is all we could expect until Cherisse Martinelli (Aldonza/Dulcinea) belts out Its All The Same. In fact all the cast has very strong voices.
You won’t find a better production of Man of La Mancha than this.
And now a rant – The management of this theater group is the biggest bunch of nincompoops that you will ever have to deal with. I bought season tickets back in the first part of June. They never acknowledged or sent me any type of receipt. So I called and they never responded. I just showed up and was comped in. Now I am worried about the next performance “Rocky Horror” because evidently they do not have a Sunday matinee. I guess I will just wait and see if they actually do anything. The other thing is the theater is half empty. They do not do any advertising. Do you know the slogan: Early to bed; early to rise; and advertise, advertise, advertise? I really should volunteer to solve their problems but I don’t want to give up that much time and I suspect that the theater manager would be a ninny boss.

The Drop

A fascinating character driven, dialog based film. This is the last film of James Gandolfini as Cousin Marv a middle age, has been, low level crook. His cousin Bob the bartender finds an absolutely adorable pit bull puppy, Rocco. The part that non Catholics might not get is that Bob goes to church and does not take communion. This indicates a heavy load of emotional baggage. Bob the bartender is played by Tom Hardy last seen as Bane in the Dark Knight.
Rocco is found in the trash can of Nadia, played by Noomi Rapace last remembered as Lisbeth Salander The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
This is film noir at its best, dark and brooding and wonderful. The Chechens are terrifying without doing anything and Bob is a complete surprise.
Go this movie gets better as it sinks in!


Must Go
Since most of you won’t take my recommendation and GO see this movie, the review will contain spoilers.

Cantinflas means cantina flea. It is the creation of, according to Charlie Chaplin, the greatest comedian that ever lived, Mario Moreno. Why have you never heard of him? Because his reign was from 1932 to 1958 in Mexico.
He was not unknown in Hollywood. I was first exposed to him in the movie Pepe made shortly after he won the 1956 Best Actor Golden Globe for his role as Passepartout in Around the World in Eighty Days. He was playing opposite David Niven as Phileas Fogg.
This bilingual biopic cleverly switches between his early years in Spanish and the events of casting the movie Around the World in Eighty Days in English with appropriate changes in the subtitles.
Around The World in Eighty Days was produced by Michael Todd. Mario was best man at his wedding to Elizabeth Taylor in Acapulco a few years later as revealed by the closing credits.
One of my favorite scenes in the movie is where Michael Todd is having a horrible lunch with the movie money men who walk off. An elderly gentleman at the next table comes over and councils him to not give up. He will talk to Mario about appearing in the film and then gets up to leave. Michael asks him his name and he says “People call me Charlie.” As he walks away he becomes the little tramp. Yes, we are talking about Charlie Chaplin. Hot Damn!
So don’t be a fool! Go and see this excellent movie.