Hound of the Baskervilles at the Seattle Rep


This adaptation of Sherlock Holmes is funny and well acted. Who knew Mrs. Hudson’s first name? I am sure you know the story; it has been on the screen so many times. This brings a freshness that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck when the hound howls.

The real star of the show is the sets.  To switch from Holmes’ drawing room to riding on the train, to Baskerville hall and cellar then out to the moors is truly amazing.

Woof, woof who let the dog out?

Grimpen Mire is actually Fox Tor. The best story is about a local lad making his way across and finding a top hat in the middle. Carefully making his way to recover this prize he discovers a man underneath it! He tries to pull the man out but unable to, the man says, “Wait a minute I will try and get my feet out of my horses’ stirrups.”

Do yourself a favor and get out for some live entertainment.

Hunger Games – Catching Fire


No Go, if you did not Go to the first one.

Robin Hood, Green Arrow, Katniss Everdeen; who is your favorite archer? Jennifer Lawrence does an excellent job as Katniss.

You have to love Stanley Tucci as Caeser Flickerman and Lenny Kravitz as the dress designer Cinna. The dresses are fantastic especially the second one. I don’t understand Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) but I have known women like her. She really knows how to wear her war paint. Mags (Lynn Cohen) is a true heroine. Donald Sutherland (President Snow) is this really Hawkeye Pierce? Incredible! I have to mention Philip Seymour Hoffman and Woody Harrleson, this movie has lots of stars. Do we really have to wait another year for the next installment?

I am totally channeling my inner feminist 13 year old girl. Why do these young adult books translate so well into movies? You do need to see them in order. There is so much that is not explained from the first movie.


This will keep you on the edge of your seat. Fantastic performances by all the cast, she who must be obeyed said it was the scariest movie she has seen, including the Evil Dead. I thought it was more tense than scary.

All is Lost

Maybe go
Okay, it’s Robert Redford, but I cannot abide people who do stupid things in an emergency situation. It’s obvious that Bobby should never get on a boat. If you buy a sextant maybe you should take it out of the box before you get into the life boat. I was expecting something better

Thor 2

Thor-ally enjoyable.
I was exhausted when I got out. I really love these comic book movies that Marvel is putting out. I want Mjolnir but not if I have to smite monsters with it. Loki will remind you of your little brother, the little snot.
I am not sure I followed the story line that well. I did think they should have brought in the Hulk at some point but the cameo of Captain America was great, and yes they are releasing a Captain America movie soon.


I did not want to go to this. The last F1 racing film, Grand Prix was rather boring; but Rush was the only new film at my $6.00 cinema.

I am glad I went. This is a character study of James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth — Thor) a playboy driver and Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl — Inglourious Basterds) a thoughtful driver. It is cast upon the back drop of the 1976 Formula One season. These two incredible race car drivers are completely different. Their high octane rivalry defines the word frenemies. This is a mostly true story. It is hard to watch the rehabilitation of Niki from his incredible burns; but you will cheer at James’ retribution on the reporter that asks Niki an incredibly insensitive question.
RUSH to the theater to see this movie.

Enders Game

Great science fiction movie, obliviously from teen fiction, interesting moral questions about big brother government manipulating people. Look for Asa Butterfield (Ender Wiggan) as a rising star, loved him as Hugo. Great to see Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley, but I really like Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) as Valentine Wiggan.