The Wolf of Wall Street

Must Go

I stole this review from some someone else but I thought it said it all.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” is infectiously entertaining. It is probably the funniest movie I have seen all year with witty dialogue, over the top characters, and filled with energy that bleeds off the screen. Between all the fun however,  there is also a story about addiction and how it can cause a downward spiral in your life whether it be drugs, money, sex or power.

Acclaimed director Martin Scorsese does a wonderful job keeping this movie at a high at all times. Never once does this movie lose it’s energy or sense of humor much like the drug induced characters. There are a lot of quick cuts and edits to keep the movie feeling as If you are on drugs as well as playing high energy music in some of the more serious situations.

The cast brings their “A” game. The stand out is obviously Leonardo DiCaprio, who pretty much owns and excels any scene he is in. This film really showcases his diverse range.

Overall “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a full on adrenaline ride that never loses momentum. It’s directed with a lot of flair and energy and has an incredibly well written script that gives it depth and a ton of laughs. The cast is fantastic and DiCaprio gives his best and most fun filled performance to date. I really enjoyed this movie and think it’s the funniest movie of the year. By Arnold Kumar (The Connoisseur Review).

Be aware that this movie is three hours long. Although it doesn’t seem like it.


Maybe Go

Must Go – SWMBO

I am a sucker for Disney animation. This was not one of my favorites. She Who Must Be Obeyed really liked it and wanted a must go rating. The songs are very good, the story is so so and the snowman is adorable. This would be a Must Go if you are taking a little one with you.

American Hustle


Interesting con movie will remind you more of The Grifters than The Sting. It did seem a little long to me but the ending made up for it. It starts out with the tag “some of this is true” It is about Abscam but I don’t really remember it.

When law enforcement authorities announced the operation, they said that “Abscam” was a contraction of “Arab scam”.  After complaints from the American-Arab Relations Committee, officials said it was a contraction of “Abdul scam”, after the name of its fictitious front company. Must be politically correct!

It does have my favorite Disney princess Amy Adams. So go just to see her. The other three leads are dynamite too! You won’t recognize Batman (Christian Bale) and is that really Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) with her partner from Silver Linings Playbook (Bradley Cooper)?

The Hobbit 2

Must Go

Another cutie pie archer girl! Tauriel is a welcome addition to the story.

This movie at two and half hours will exhaust you with its non-stop action. It is hard to remember the beginning when you get out. Something about spiders, I think, and of course since it is the middle movie of the trilogy it ends on a cliff hanger. Rats (or is that Dragons), we have to wait another year for the end.

If you did not see the first one you can still enjoy this one, it starts with a short cut of how the quest started. However you miss the best part of movie one, having a dozen dwarves showing up on your door step.


This is a character study in black and white. Probably the best work Bruce Dern has ever done.
It sure brought back memories of my family reunions with Uncle Luther, Tolly and Auntie Opal. Salt of the earth people who farmed the land. What is missing from the movie is the dozens of children and grand children to watch. Whose turn is it to change the baby? Tom, go feed the cows and take your nephews with you!
When we came out of the theater I asked SWMBO if it being in black and white diminished the expirience. She said, “That was in black and white?”

Dallas Buyers Club

Must Go – by SWMBO
Once again this is a film of the nanny government telling its citizens what is good for them. Especially if they are dying from a terminal disease. I’m a doctor, trust me, or maybe I am a pharmaceutical vendor needing to make obsene profits.
Matthew McConaughey lost 38 pounds for this role. Jared Leto lost 30 pounds. You will fall in love with Rayon (Jared) in the role of a transgender junkie and Ron (Matthew) as a crusading HIV patient and rodeo bull rider.
Please go see this film.