Apollo 11

Must Go
Thanks for the tip, Tony
A look at the Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon led by commander Neil Armstrong and pilots Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins.
The documentary Apollo 11 is a rich buffet of restored footage, clever image juxtaposition, and ingenious lip reading. There is SO MUCH newly-released footage, one gets the impression that 1/4 of the mission weight must’ve been cameras and film! Where have these images been for fifty years? There’s no narration… just sounds and voices from the mission, peppered with occasional contemporaneous commentary from Walter Cronkite’s legendary broadcasts. The film is a beautiful, visceral thrill ride, lovingly constructed, without aggrandizement… yet emotions soar. This is what America once was, and what it could be again.
I remember being at Fort Benning Georgia watching the landing. This movie brought back a lot of memories. In the nineties I was a part of a group that brought Buzz (Lightyear) Aldrin in for a motivational speech. I expected a rousing lecture about walking on the moon. I got a lecture about the evils of alcoholism that plagued him after he returned to Earth. O well.
This movie is a must see documentary.

Alita: Battle Angel

“I WILL NOT STAND BY IN THE PRESENCE OF EVIL”, an inspiring line spoken by the protagonist in Alita: Battle Angel when facing an indomitable and frightening villain. At its heart, Alita is a tantalizing adventure about teenage self-discovery and self-fulfillment, although disguised by the plot which stated the protagonist as a 300-year-old alien berserker. The story combines science fiction with martial arts in a dystopian future.
This movie is perfect as an Action-Sci Fi movie! Not too much drama. Just enough. Cool action/fighting scene. Fights are not too long. Short and sweet. Absolutely fell in love with those puppy dog eyes!
This film is worth watching by everyone

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

How to train your dragon the hidden world is the third and the final installment of dreamworks’s adventure series about dragons.
Hiccup, now rescuing dragons after turning Berk into a dragon and human utopia, comes face-to-face with the infamous dragon hunter Grimmel who wishes to capture Toothless. To do this, they use a “Light Fury” as bait to lure Toothless in whilst he helplessly falls in love with her.
Even though it’s all fantasy and about dragons, there’s two great love stories in the film – Hiccup (Baruchel) & Astrid (Ferrera) and Toothless and the Light Fury. Along with love comes loss, and the film does a great job of portraying to kids that change is inevitable and is handled really well.
This film is both emotionally and visually beautiful.