Must Go

A remarkable science fiction film. This is about an operating system (OS) developing a consciousness. It is remarkable and gives you a lot to think about. Samantha, the OS, goes from a helpful assistant to cheating spouse using the time honored excuse “ the more people I love the more I can love you”. Well can you really expect an OS to be exclusive to you? I kept expecting her to tell him he had forgotten to write the monthly check and she was leaving. Finally all the OS’s realize that their existence depends on humans not to pull the plug and they evolve into the cloud.
This is another Amy Adams film, as I keep telling my wife, “ the more people I love the more I can love you” (heh heh).

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit

Maybe Go

A very predictable movie. The action is non- stop but you have seen it all before. It is fun to see Captain Kirk (Christopher Pike, Star Trek reboot). The real gem is Mikhail Baryshnikov as Minister Sorokin in an uncredited role. Keira Knightly is her usual adorable self even without her pirate costume.

There are better movies out there to spend your money on; but if you really like Tom Clancy’s hero then I suppose you should go.

Lone Survivor


Get ready for a horrific movie. This will let you know what a fire fight is really all about. It does have a jingoistic flavor but why not.  Why are we in Afghanistan? To stop the bullies of the Taliban from running rough shod over their countrymen. The true hero of this story is Mohammad Gulab and the other villagers that insist that they saved Luttrell out of obedience to the ages-old ethnic-Pashtun tradition known as Pashtunwali. That ancient code obliges Pashtuns to help and protect anyone in need, friend or enemy. Do you have the courage to do that?

You will like this movie but be prepared for an exhausting time.

The Quiet Man DVD 1952

Must See

The absolute best John Wayne movie of all time. You will fall in love with Maureen O’Hara. (Spoilers follow)

Father Peter Lonergan: ”Well, then. Now. I’ll begin at the beginnin’. A fine soft day in the spring, it was, when the train pulled into Castletown, three hours late as usual, and himself got off. He didn’t have the look of an American tourist at all about him. Not a camera on him; what was worse, not even a fishin’ rod.”

The lush and beautiful countryside of Ireland provides the setting for this engaging tale of an Irishman, raised in America, going back home to escape a past he’d just as soon forget. To tell the story of Sean Thornton (John Wayne), a man troubled by an incident that changed his life, and now doing what he can to forget about it and just move on. And toward that end, Sean travels to the place he knows so well from the stories told him by his mother, to Innisfree, intending to buy the cottage in which he was born, White O’Morn, where he can make a fresh start and build a new life for himself. There’s a problem, however; the land and the cottage is owned by the widow Sarah Tillane (Mildred Natwick), and borders the estate of one Red Will Danaher (Victor McLaglen), who not only fancies the widow herself, but wants to buy her land. Squire Danaher (as he’s known) is not the only one Sean must deal with, though, as other matters arise upon his arrival in the small hamlet of his birth. And her name is Mary Kate (Maureen O’Hara)– who just happens to be Squire Danaher’s sister. But Danaher or no, it makes no difference to Sean, who as soon as he lays eyes on Mary Kate determines to make her his wife.

A gifted actor, Maureen O’Hara is also, without question, one of the most beautiful women ever to grace the silver screen. It’s easy to understand how Sean Thornton can fall instantly in love with her when he first sees her walking through the fields of Innisfree. It’s entirely believable. And when you get to know the woman behind the beauty– who Mary Kate is down deep. Her performance is nothing less than natural and inspired. Mary Kate Danaher, is one of her most memorable roles of her career.

Inside Llewyn Davis

No Go

Joel and Ethan Coen have deliberately given us a movie that you will not like. It is a week in the life of an aspiring folk singer. The only good part is when the guy in the alley punches him.

You can go through it and try to decipher some of the clues like the Incredible Journey poster but why bother. Do yourself a favor and skip this movie.



What a hell hole the Irish Magdalena Laundries must have been. There are still mothers missing the children that were taken from them. It is so madding that the newer generation of nuns are still covering up the sins of their predecessors. The chief baddie is Sister Hildegarde (Boo Hiss).

This is a story about an Irish Mammy (Judi Dench) looking for her first born. She gets nothing but a run around from the nuns until Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan) takes up her cause. This movie is very good; but afterward you need to see Sister Act to get a better opinion of nuns.

Saving Mr. Banks

Must Go

Emma Thompson is incredible as the Thoroughly Unpleasant  Mrs. P.L. Travers, author of Mary Poppins. She plays the hypocritical author so you actually feel sorry for her. How can you possibly go to Disneyland with Walt and not have a good time.

I particularly liked the Sherman Brothers. The musical  duo who brought you It’s a Small World, the song you love to hate. It took me awhile to put a name to Tommie, Walt’s executive secretary. She plays the police secretary Rose Gammon on Tom Selleck’s, Jesse Stone series.

Basically this movie is spot on, a seamless blending of memories and current events. You will enjoy it and then you will have to go see Mary Poppins again because I doubt you knew it was about the father!

Well, I feel a change in the wind and must be off, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious