Movies I need to mention

The Croods, cute little family film: GO
Oblivion, Tom Cruise in boring, confusing movie: NO GO
Oz the Great and Powerful, will never replace Judy Garland or Wicked but the Porcelain Doll will take your heart: Maybe GO
Jack the Giant Killer pap: NO GO
Evil Dead, no Bruce Campbell: NO GO
Side Effects, great Hitchcock movie to tell is to give it away: MUST GO

The Great Gatsby


ADULT LANGUAGE ALERT  Do not read if you are easily offended!!
I did not expect to like this so much but Leonardo DiCaprio, Toby McQire and Carey Mulligan tell a hell of a good story. I never read the book so I did not know what to expect. Here is a synopsis. Daisy is a slut and Jay Gatsby forgot the four “F’s” of a happy life. (Find em, Feel em, Fuck em, Forget em). Old money always wins. Give it a look; your parties will always seem dull.

Star Trek into Darkness

If you are a Trekkie you will see numerous references to previous movies and shows. It is a lot of fun. The action is nonstop and I love Benedict Cumberbatch both as Sherlock and in this role. You know you must see this one if just to keep up with current culture. They could have cut the scene with Leonard Nimoy it did not add anything. If you want to see a great both Spocks take look at U tube and the Audi commercial, Just as good as the pee wee Darth Vader spot.

Pain & Gain


A good movie. This is based on a real story. The actors are great. Mark Wahlberg, Tony Schalhoub (Monk), Ed Harris, The Rock (best film ever). The story is about three body builders who decide to steal a better life based on an infomercial. It is funny and tragic how muscle heads can foul up their life so bad.
It was an accident we went to this movie because based on the newspaper reports it did not seem to be interesting. Our movie trip started out to see “The Place Beyond the Pines” but the theater posted the wrong time on the internet. I have a few problems with this theater’s policy of carding everyone and not allowing you in if you do not have an official government id card. Their claim for this ID check is to make sure you have a valid license. WHY IS THAT THEIR BUSINESS? This is fascism pure and simple. If they are afraid of the liquor control board they should say it is because they serve alcohol!! When you look like Santa Claus as I do it is obvious that I am of legal age.



This is a charming coming of age movie about a young boy floating down the river with a slave – no wait that’s Huckleberry Finn. This is a film of a young girl named Hush Puppy living on an Island in the river – no wait that’s Beasts of the Southern Wild. Okay now I remember, This movie is about a young boy learning about relationships of men and women. His parents are getting a divorce. His friend Mud has a sick relationship with Reese Witherspoon and his girl friend denies that she is his. O well, us boys never understand women and this movie won’t help. It is okay but your time would be better utilized reading Mark Twain



This is a wonderful movie. Before you go google Pee Wee Reese. You need to understand that he was the Michael Jordan of his day.  This baseball story is not about baseball but the incredible courage of a man to withstand abuse and the wonderful wife that stands beside him. The baseball scenes aren’t bad either especially the base running.