Joe (2014)

This film gets better after thinking about it for awhile. It is a character study. Joe (Nichols Gage) is a broken man who thinks he can fix the people around him. His main project is Gary (Tye Sheridan from Mud) and he does wind up having a profound effect on him.
I like Nichols Gage and don’t understand all criticism he generates. There are just a lot of haters out there who cannot compete.
Wade aka G-Daawg (Gary Poulter) gives a great performance and then you learn the following.
A little fact: Gary Poulter, who plays the part of Wade the father a.k.a. G-Daawg was a homeless man given the role by director David Gordon Green, who often casts locals in his movies. Poulter died on the streets of Austin a couple of months after filming stopped.
I added the movie year to this because in 1970 there was another movie titled Joe starring Peter Boyle.

Captain America

Another great Marvel Adventure, includes a great cameo by Stan Lee.
“I do everything he does, only slower.” The Falcon.
This movie is nonstop action. If you like these comic book movies you will love this one. It is the best one to date. The introduction of the Falcon is great and the super villain the Winter Soldier is great too!. Can’t wait for the next installment.

Young Frankenstein – Seattle Musical Theatre

Must Go
This monstrous musical comedy will have you remembering every line from the 1974 film starring Gene Wilder. Young Frankenstein is the only place you’ll witness a singing and dancing laboratory experiment in the largest tuxedo ever made. See Frederick Frankenstein as he unwillingly follows in his grandfather’s footsteps and becomes the mad scientist he was always meant to be. Young Frankenstein is a true roll in the hay that should not be missed by anyone. (Written by Noah Duffy, the best Igor ever).
She who must be obeyed was laughing out loud.
This theater is such a bargain at $40 per seat and free parking. The new season is just starting sales don’t be shy.

Mummy Pirates of the Nile

Tomhotep and Noreentiti explore Egypt!

Sailing on a Dahabeyah built in 1840 up the Nile River to Aswan. The Giraffa is 50 meters in length. The boat has no motor, only a sail in the front and one in the back. Water and electricity are only available for about four hours each day.
We only sailed about four hours and then stop for an excursion to a temple. The trip is from Luxor to Aswan so slow and easy is the pace. Lounge on the open upper deck and have your meals there too. The bunks are like bricks but surprisingly good for my back.

Selected sights:
Edfu Temple It is one of the best preserved temples in Egypt. The temple, dedicated to the falcon god Horus. Great hieroglyphs.

Karnak Temple It is the largest temple complex ever built by man, and represents the combined achievement of many generations of ancient builders. The Temple of Karnak is actually three main temples, smaller enclosed temples, and several outer temples located about three kilometers north of Luxor. (Ancient Thebes)

The Unfinished Obelisk at Aswan. The source of all the rose granite in Egypt. The obelisk has a crack and was replaced by the two cut for Hatshepsut (girl pharaoh) and her temple at Luxor and then she sailed the 200 ton granite pieces down the Nile on one ship. Seven months complete from start to finish. This is remarkable because they did not have metal tools just a rock harder than the granite that they threw against the side until it was carved out. For the underside they had to tunnel and throw the rock sideways. (You think your job is tough)

Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx you know about this ancient wonder of the world. It is a must see.

Aswan Souk a colorful bazaar in Aswan that offers Egyptian and Nubian trinkets.

Although I think you should go I must caution you that I have a wonderful brother who has lived in Cairo for thirty years and speaks fluent Arabic. He handled all my travel arraignments. His friends helped too.
Also on board ship we had a group of French people who spoke no English. They were entirely delightful but again Patrick can speak passable French.

So Egypt is dusty and dirty filled with children trying to sell you anything. The true terror is the taxi rides; we went 15 miles to the airport going in the oncoming lane of the freeway because it was a smoother road (not true). We did have to dodge a couple of trucks headed right for us!!

This is a very small excerpt of our travels as we visited some 20 other sites.