Captain Phillips

Must Go
This film will totally pull you in. How do you find an actor as talented as Barkhad Abdi (Muse)? If he does not win the academy award then there is something wrong in the universe.
This is a movie that can be watched on two levels. The first is just a great adventure. The second is what the United States has done to Somalia. Somalia has had its major resource ripped from it by the giant fishing fleets that have stripped the fish from the sea. They have nothing to keep them from piracy. When they resort to this, the full power of the United States descends on them and wipes them out. The faceless efficiency of the Seal team is terrifying.
Captain Phillips (Irish): There’s got to be something other than being a fisherman or kidnapping people.
Muse: Maybe in America, Irish, maybe in America.

Enough Said

This is a sweet love connection of two middle age people. James Gandolfini is great in this film. Unfortunately the character played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus reveals her shallow self and at the end of the film is demoted from girl friend to booty call.


I am not sure it is worth the IMAX 3D price of $16.50 per seat but you must see this in 3D and I am not a 3D fan. You will be lonesome and scared in the wasteland of space as you dodge space debris hurtling at you. Sandra Bullock is wonderful and resourceful as she solves one problem after another. If you have ever had a bad day at work, you will enjoy this movie.


She who must be obeyed (SWMBO) is having a birthday, so I decided we should have dinner on the water. I signed up for the dinner cruise and did not mention that I signed her up as one of the suspects. Now SWMBO does not like attention and she constantly watches TV shows about killing your spouse so I knew that I was putting my life in jeopardy when I sent in a picture of her in her crabby hat and a short story about when she was four and stole her brother and sister’s Easter baskets and ate all the candy.
The evening did not start out great. Someone stole my parking place, zipped in while I was backing in and SWMBO was “baptized” by a seagull. Then things got better.
SWMBO had dressed as a 50’s beatnik complete with a beret. (Completely adorable) She stood on stage with her arms akimbo claiming she was in bed with me when the murder occurred. Unfortunately they came and asked me and I had to tell them that she goes to bed 8 pm and gets up at midnight to watch TV for several hours before going back to bed. The murder was at 1 am – there went her alibi.
The theme of the mystery was a CD release party for Relic, an 80’s former rocker. He was auditioning for backup dancers. I was chosen to compete with eight 30 year old cuties. Just remember that old age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill. I won by channeling my Miley Cyrus and twerking. Okay, I have no shame! But I did win most amazing dancer.
The dinner was a medallion of beef and salmon. It was pretty good. The bread was excellent. We had an appetizer of shrimp and avocado that had a tomato sauce that was very tasty; but the best part was the chocolate mousse for desert.
It is time for the final reveal. It was SWMBO! The two other couples at our table wrote great stories about how and why she killed, they both won thumb cuff awards and SWMBO won the golden cuffs and was hauled off to jail. I expect to see her in 15 to 20 years.

Don Jon

She who must be obeyed – No Go
This is a “man flic”. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tommy Solomon from Third Rock) has written, directed and acted in a very interesting film about men and porn addiction and love and sex. Men objectify women and women use that to manipulate men, at least the ones who are as good looking as Scarlett Johansson. Ultimately you need to find a compassionate older women (Julianne Moore) if you are going to learn how to do a relationship right.