Another bio-pic about someone you never heard of. But you are well aware of his work. “I am Spartacus” one of my favorite movie lines. He scored two Oscars for films (The Brave One and Roman Holiday). He wasn’t given credit because your favorite government took away his constitutional rights, just like the American Japanese and the Indians and well – you and me.
Bryan Cranston (Walter White) is very impressive as Trumbo as is Diane Lane as his wife.
Poop on Hedda Hopper and John Wayne and Ronald Regan and why isn’t Dick Nixon on the list? How did that junior senator from Wisconsin get the power to destroy so many lives?
This is the third feature film in four years in which John Goodman played the owner or an important employee of a movie company, following “The Artist” (2011) and “Argo” (2012). Interestingly, both prior films won Oscars for Best Picture.
See it. Just go and See it. Yes, the acting is superb on everyone’s part and the black and white footage is terrific.


Must Go
“When were you going to tell me your uncle is Rocky Balboa?” One of the great lines from the movie.
This is an incredible Boxing film, one of the best if not the best that I have ever seen. Fans of the Rocky franchise will love this film for all the references to the other films but as it is a passing of the baton, per se, even if you are unfamiliar with the previous films it doesn’t lessen the amazing experience you will have with this film.
The boxing in the Rocky movies has always been a little over the top. I mean, really, how many times have you seen someone come off the canvas and “deck” the opponent. Still this is a great addition to the Rocky saga.
Go you won’t be disappointed.


Maybe Go
With some bittersweet twists and beautifully shot, this should appeal to a broad audience looking for a romantic story well told on the big screen.
It’s not all about the Irish, for the sequence at her Italian love’s family table is as good as you’ll get for love, playfulness, and a wisecracking little eight-year-old brother you’ll want to see again.
So if you can give up explosions and gun battles this is a good “chic flic”.