The Wife

“Please don’t paint me as a victim; I am much more interesting than that.” – Joan Castleman (Glenn Close) to Nathaniel Bone (Christian Slater)
The joy in this film is watching Glenn Close’s face bring nuance and substantial explanation to the events of 1992. It’s a masterful performance.
Glenn Close will likely receive much Oscar chatter for her role. Her transformation from dutiful sidekick to self-enlightenment is a performance laden with subtle and nuanced signs of resentment. Living a lie never becomes truth … even after 30 plus years.
A very well-done film about an arrogant man and the student he pursued and the outcome of their marriage. Throw in the Nobel Prize as the backdrop of her finally coming to terms with the life she has and what she threw away. Johnathan Pryce is so good as the prize winner, the ever-controlling man who does not have the talent but gets the praise.

A Simple Favor

I loved it. This strange combination of comedy and thriller worked really well. Blake Lively as Emily and Anna Kendrick as Stephanie were incredible, their banter was so funny and witty. It has many twists, which ultimately tie themselves neatly together.
Based on the novel by Darcey Bell, A Simple Favor follows Stephanie, a widowed, single mom who runs a mommy vlog. Her goody two-shoes personality makes her  a pariah amongst the other parents. One day, on a playdate for their children, she befriends Emily, a chic, elegant woman whose everything she is not. Before long they become best friends, and when Emily disappears, Stephanie steps out of her shell to solve the mystery.
You won’t regret spending your money on this one.