The Water Diviner

Must Go

Before I write a review I look through the ones already posted. I am always shocked at the haters! Let me just explain something to you – this is entertainment not HISTORY. You will never check into a hotel with a clerk as beautiful as Olga Karylenko (Ayshe). Russell Crowe has given us a wonderful film. It is based on a line from the officer of graves diary at the battlefield at Gallipoli, “An Australian father came looking for his son’s body.” After that, it is all fiction. You will not be disappointed that you spent your money on this movie.


The Gallipoli Memorial at Anzac Cove .

“Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives…You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours…You, the mothers, who sent their sons from faraway countries wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace, after having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.” Ataturk, 1934

Kumiko the Treasure Hunter


This wonderful “little” film is only being shown in art house theaters. So there will be some spoilers in this review.
This movie is based on a true story that became an urban legend. Takaho Konishi was a despondent young Japanese girl that was found frozen to death in Northern Minnesota. It was erroneously reported that she was searching for the money buried in the film Fargo.
The movie starts in Tokyo. We see Kumiko working a dead end job, hating her boss and her job, having a mother who can only complain about her life style. She is played by Rinko Kikuchi the academy award nominee for Babel. You should follow her career.
She finds a damaged vhs tape of Fargo and figures out where Steve Buscemi buried the extorted money. An opportunity comes up to rush off to Minneapolis and then go up to Fargo. Along the way she meets some exceptionally nice people. However they cannot make her see her folly and she finally hikes off into the northern woods. The ending, in order to not be too depressing shows her first smile of the film as she finds the suitcase full of cash. Unfortunately we all know that she is dead.
You will be talking about this film for a long time; I know she who must be obeyed is.

Danny Collins

Must Go
Al Pacino in a role similar to A Scent of a Woman lights up the screen with his charming and funny charisma.
His banter with Annette Bening is delightful and his talks with Christopher Plummer are priceless. “He has a heart of gold, he just keeps it up his ass sometimes.”
The John Lennon music in the background is beautiful.
“Have I ever let you down?

Furious 7

This is the first movie of this franchise that I have gone to. It is nonstop heavy duty explosions from start to finish. Boy, does it hurt me to see all the beautiful cars destroyed. I think the millennials have changed the focus on women from the rack to the trunk; butt it is all gorgeous. If you are a fifteen year old boy or once were, you will love this tribute movie to Paul Walker.
The cast:
Vin Diesel – Riddick and Groot
Jason Statham – The Transporter
Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson – Hercules
Kurt Russell – Snake Plisskan
And I got to throw in a lady – Jordan Brewster – best smile!
So suspend your belief that cars can’t fly. That these boys are too stupid to tint their windows! And God’s Eye is gonna getcha. Strap on your seatbelt and let’s go for a ride.

Wild Tales

Must Go — Spoilers
The Spanish title is more apt: Savage Tales. Six short stories show various ways in which savagery persists in the highest levels of civilization. In brief; an excellent movie that deserves to be seen by people with a brain and a will to think.

1. In the pre-credit tale, the pilot turns out to be a lifelong failure that has collected the various teachers, friends, psychiatrist, who has thwarted him, on a flight he will crash into his parents. (With apologies to the Germanwing crash. This was made well in advance of that tragedy)

2. In a diner the waitress recognizes a customer as the small-town gangster who drove her father into bankruptcy and suicide. Now running for mayor, he is rude and abusive. As her anger and conscience struggle the cook takes over and kills him. She’s content to return to the security and comfort of jail.

3. An Audi driver rages at a redneck that blocks his way. When the rich guy stops to fix a flat tire his nemesis stops and assaults him. The road rage turns into class warfare. Ironically, when they’re found burned alive their clutch suggests it was a crime of passion.

4. When an explosives expert gets his car towed for an unjustified parking ticket his angry campaign for justice blows up his marriage, job, and career and even shared custody of his daughter. When he blows up the towing yard he becomes a local hero, Mr. Dynamite. In jail his wife and daughter bring him a birthday cake and all the inmates and guards celebrate his day. His last act is blowing out the candles. Terrorism works.

5. A spoiled teenager’s fatal hit and run accident leads to a steadily expanding chain of corruption as his wealthy father tries to get the family groundskeeper to take the rap for him. As the bribery balloons no-one is innocent. Even the humble groundskeeper raises his demands. When the father decides not to pay to save his spoiled son, his lawyer says it would be dishonorable for him to renege on his bribery of the public prosecutor. When the boy decides to confess the greedy renegotiate their scheme. As the fall guy is led away an angry citizen kills him. Amid all the bribes and false honor the poor worker pays the price.

6. In the climax, a rich Jewish family’s wedding, the bride explodes after the groom admits he had sex with a colleague who’s a guest. The demure bride turns into a vengeful virago wreaking massive destruction, reducing the groom to tears, the ceremony to chaos, and her rival to a bloodied mess. When the newlyweds reconnect — making passionate love amid the ruins of the cake — their union feels more honest than the initial smiles and formality. Now their union expresses more passion than manners. The chaotic wedding is more honest than the ceremonial ritual was.

This is one of best movies I have seen. Six short non connected films. It is in subtitles but they are short. Most of this review was lifted from IMDb. You will not regret the 2 hours of this film; you won’t even realize that it is that long.

The Duff

Maybe Go
This is a cute high school film. If you want to know why you are so fortunate not to be in high school today with the cyber bulling then this is a movie for you. I enjoyed it but there was nothing special.