Toy Story 4

Must Go
I laughed out loud many times. I jumped out of my seat a few times. I cried. Go see it!

Funniest line: Bo Peep complains to her three headed sheep, Billie, Goat, and Gruff. “With six eyes, why can’t you drive better!” – priceless.

Late Night

I was expecting a typical fluff summer chick flick…instead I enjoyed a film which, while definitely funny, had some real “meat” to its plot.
I think this is an underrated film that a lot of people are just not ready to see. It really puts a mirror up to our society and ourselves, and we all know how uncomfortable that can get. Mindy Kaling hits on a lot of different issues from racism to ageism to gender disparity in a really clever and playful way, which helped to make the tone of the film rather light despite the seriousness of these issues.
Emma Thompson brings a vulnerability to her stern, strait laced character who is stuck in her own ways. Mindy’s character gets hired to work for Emma’s Late Night talk show to help get it back on track to avoid cancellation. Mindy is incredibly charming, sweet and very opinionated in her role. These two ladies knock it out of the park and will make you laugh and cry. It’s not every day we get to see a team up like this. The story is passionate, the jokes are hilarious, and the emotions are sincere. Watching the expert acting John Lithgow was an unexpected joy.
If smart and witty comedy is your thing, this is definitely worth a watch!


Aladdin is a complete triumph.
Will Smith, as the Genie, had some very large Robin Williams shoes to fill. Smith admittedly did not want to recreate perfection but instead put his own spin on the character while still maintaining the nostalgia of the role. It’s fair to say it was a success.
As for Mena Massoud (a fairly unknown actor) who played the title character, he was simply perfect for the role. He looked the part, had an excellent singing voice and managed to capture the cheeky charisma of the character brilliantly well. With some excellent dance scenes and some hilarious comedy timing with costar Smith, Massoud was a truly wonderful casting choice for the film. He really is the real-life Aladdin. It wasn’t just Massoud and Smith who stood out either. Naomi Scott (Princess Jasmine) and Marwan Kenzari (Jafar) gave an equally believable performance in recreating these characters. Naomi’s out of this world singing voice was enough to send shivers down your spine whilst the villainous stare and evil tongue of Kenzari did not disappoint. A film is only as strong as its actors and everyone in Aladdin did a phenomenal job.


Must Go
It’s everything you would want from an Elton John bio pic and so much more! This is a full-on musical. Not just Elton singing his hits, but the people around him and in his life from childhood to adulthood, all singing. They do this all while beautifully fitting his songs into his life story. You do not have to be an Elton John fan to like this movie as the musical numbers, comedy, and emotional beats are spot on perfection! I truly thought on multiple occasions Taron Egerton was Elton John himself, I was truly impressed with him. She who must be obeyed cannot recommend this movie highly enough.