The Bronze

Maybe Go
It’s not laugh out loud funny but it has some enjoyable moments. It does work as a sports movie with a more down to Earth summary of overcoming obstacles to be a winner and what happens when that moment is over.
It also has one of the wackiest ever on-screen comedic sex scenes – for all of you who have fantasized about frolicking with a gymnast.

10 Cloverfield Lane

Must Go
I love nothing more than a well crafted mystery where the audience are left in the same confused state as the character/s and are filling in the pieces of the puzzle at the same pace that they are. This is one of those films. This is not a spectacle full of screams and special effects. This is a spectacle of tension and suspense of epic proportions.
John Goodman turns in a performance unlike anything he’s ever done before, and manages to be both strangely sweet and unbearably creepy.
I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this film. I think it helps when you go in with no real expectations and then just out of nowhere you find yourself enjoying the hell out of it.


Disney’s latest animated feature is smart, funny and beautifully animated. It might look like your standard talking animal fare, but it has a lot going on, with some smart metaphors and a complex story. Zootopia is an enormous city full of anthropomorphic mammals who have evolved to live together in a cooperative society that consists of both predators and prey of every sort – they have long since given up on being enemies. Ginnifer Goodwin plays Judy Hopps, the first rabbit to make it onto the Zootopia police force – though all mammals have supposed equality, prejudices kind of rule their society, and such a small creature has never been able to be in such a position before. Judy is initially given simple duties, but she insists on being more and eventually finds her way into a major investigation of disappearing citizens. She teams up with a con artist fox (Jason Bateman), and the two search for clues. The film introduces a lot to think about; it definitely gets you considering things like prejudice, stereotypes and racism, and without ever seeming obvious or preachy. The characters are great and the animation wonderful.

Eddie the Eagle

We all have a dream… or have had a dream at some point. You may not have achieved your dream (yet), but I’m sure you remember what it is, even if you’re not currently pursuing it. You may have been stopped or been hindered from seeing your dream come true because people told you it wasn’t realistic or refused to support you when you needed them to. Or maybe you chose to give up on that dream because you decided yourself that it wasn’t practical or because you came to believe that you were too old, too busy, too poor, too… “whatever” to dream anymore. If any of this sounds familiar, then “Eddie the Eagle” just might be your kind of movie. And if ALL of this sounds familiar, you need to drop everything and go see this movie immediately – before it’s too late!
I only hope you have a mother as sweet and supportive as Jo Hartley. Now go and jump off that 90 meter mountain!


Jacob Tremblay should have won the Oscar for this movie not Brie Larson, although she does a great job too.
There are some scenes that are so heartwarming that it will be difficult not to find yourself becoming emotionally involved. In one particular scene Jack asks his Grandma to cut his long hair so that the strength that he thinks that his shoulder length hair possesses can be transferred over to his sick Ma so she can return home from the hospital. Jack who understandably is initially withdrawn from anyone other than his Ma simply tells his Grandma after she washes and cuts his hair that he loves her. This scene will stay with me forever.
This is a first rate drama with stand out performances all round.
GO to this movie, you will be entertained.