Crazy Rich Asians

Must GO
It was so well done, so fast moving, so easy to follow, and just a happy-feeling movie.
I loved the strong female characters, starting with the lead, Constance Wu, who turns in a great performance. What an empowering character smart, kind, honest, and graceful.
Michelle Yeoh is cool and calculating, but we see her caring moments, her conflict, and the way she was treated by her own mother. Her lines challenging Wu’s character (“You will never be enough”) are delivered like icepicks.
Lisa Lu is also excellent as the grandmother, and this is a nuanced character as well, starting off so sweet and seeming to make a connection with Wu, but gradually unfolding to something else, the depths of which were a little surprising. It was so nice to see this 91-year-old actress.
Gemma Chan is brilliant when she tells off her philandering husband, and makes it clear their marital problems aren’t due to their differing backgrounds, but his weakness.
Tan Kheng Hua as Wu’s mother is in a quieter role, but shows a strength and dignity, and when she reveals her backstory, it’s powerful.
The men are a little overshadowed but not outdone, especially Henry Golding, who is suave, forthright, and endearing. The scene on the plane, where he tries to talk to Wu from the other aisle, while trying to get through people fumbling with the overboard bins, is gold.
In comedic roles, Awkwafina and Nico Santos are funny, and light up the screen in every scene they’re in.
It helps to know about mahjong; but you can look it up.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Maybe Go
Mamma Mia 2 is super friendly and brings an easy tale of love and friendship all wrapped up. But how can you have a musical full of stars that can’t sing? I love Abba and their voices are so pure these guys just don’t do them justice. However, if you can follow all the flashbacks, you will love the scenery. Cher is the only bright spot in the singing arena. Your time and money can be better spent watching Abba on U-tube.

Sorry to Bother You

No Go
Can’t begin to describe how ridiculous and stupid this movie is. The longer you watch the worse it gets. Then out of nowhere giant horse people with 2-foot-long penises come out of left field.

Mission Impossible Fallout

Maybe Go
Don’t get me wrong, the movie is not bad. It is just too long. At 2 hrs. 27 min. it is 30 min. too long – please not another chase sequence!
This is a direct sequel to the previous film, with weasel-faced, nasal-voiced Sean Harris reprising the brilliant villain Solomon Lane. Rebecca Ferguson features again as compromised MI5 agent Ilsa, Ving Rhames , Alex Baldwin and Simon Pegg are IMF support, and Michelle Monaghan is there to be in jeopardy. Angela Bassett and Henry Cavill represent the CIA and Vanessa Kirby plays a pleasingly questionable mercenary intermediary.
The story is involved – not difficult to understand, but a bit on the serpentine side. But it does provide a vehicle for some, as always, excellent action sequences. A motorcycle chase through Paris and a rooftop chase in London are stunningly choregraphed and photographed, but I felt that the climactic action sequence too long.
You know whether you like this sort of movie or not. And, if you do, you’re in for a treat with this one.

Leave No Trace

Will (Ben Foster) Is a war veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and wanting no help at all. His loving daughter, Tom (Thomasin McKenzie), is homeless, unknowingly suffering as well, due to her father’s on-going illness.
The story depicts two caring people trapped in the political red tape of social services and governmental bureaucracy. Yet the film avoids condemning or delving into the insensitivity of the system. A very moving film.