The Kingsman Golden Circle

Maybe Go

All in all, it’s a poor sequel, with a few good moments.
And then there is Elton John! A cameo lasting a few seconds would have sufficed, but when he becomes an integral part of the third act, it ruins the film’s consistency.
You can find a better choice for your entertainment dollars.

The Foreigner

Should Go

A story, characters you have feelings for, a decent run time and Jackie Chan what’s not to love. Pierce Bronsnan with an Irish accent! SWMBO really liked this movie. She couldn’t get over the fact that Jackie was 60 years old.

Let’s clarify a few things. If you are looking for a cerebral and complex movie; with unexpected turns, almost perfect dialog and outstanding acting; do not hesitate one minute and go see The Foreigner you are going to love it!!!!. The story starts like many others; the daughter of a businessman is killed during a terrorist attack; and her father is looking for the terrorists who did it. Well the father is Jackie Chan; so you can not expect things to be quiet.

Blade Runner 2049

Lost all credibility for me early on when the recording of Decker interviewing Rachael was changed from: “Is this testing whether I’m a Replicant or a lesbian, Mr. Deckard?”
to: “Is this testing whether I’m a Replicant or a nympho, Mr. Deckard?”
I find it offensive that this was changed.
The story is based on some “miracle” that happened to a replicant. A very thin plot that could have been told in less than an hour. None of the very little plot made any sense. do not waste your time or money going to see this.
The original blade runner had gritty street-scenes that were immersive and set the stage for believing, imagining, and then becoming immersed in the context of a dystopian future. So they want to find the child of Deckard and Rachael because this is a replicant that can reproduce, which is supposedly more efficient than just growing them, for some reason. They say they need more replicants to colonize the outer colonies, but of course, there are plenty of people living in squalor, including a child labor sweatshop.
We meet a replicant cop named K who is of a new variety that doesn’t rebel unlike those bad ones in the movies. So he tracks down a Runaway Nexus 8, even though in the original movie, we were assured that Nexus 8’s only had 4 year lifespans. During the course of this, they discover the bones of Rachael from the original movie, along with the realization she had given birth.

I can’t emphasize enough how at two hours and 43 minute, this is a long boring, uninteresting movie. It’s like they watched the original and still had no idea what made it a good movie.

Victoria and Abdul

Should Go, Never miss a Judi Dench movie.

What an amazing movie, Judi is as usual, such a wonderful actress portraying Queen Victoria once again. The story line is fantastic and it flows beautifully
Rather than dwell on history, the film prefers to focus on the unconventional friendship and the re-awakening of the Queen. Abdul becomes her “Munshi” – a spiritual adviser and her teacher of Urda and the Koran. As you would expect, this is all quite scandalous and frustrating for those such as Prime Minister Lord Salisbury (Michael Gambon), Lady Churchill (Olivia Williams), Victoria’s son Bertie (Eddie Izzard), and the royal staff: Sir Henry (Tim Pigott-Smith), her physician Dr Reid (Paul Higgins), and her quivering maid Miss Phipps (Fenella Woolgar). There is even a comical sequence with the great singer Puccini (Simon Callow) as the Queen herself belts out the Gilbert and Sullivan song “I’m Called Little Buttercup”.
Come for the laughs and the performance of Dame Judi … just not for a history lesson.

Battle of the Sexes

Riggs and King were clown and queen. It was great entertainment that this docudrama gets about perfectly right.
Every so often an exceptionally capable woman has to prove her worth by competing against a clown. That’s one of the durable truisms of “Battle of the Sexes,” a glib, enjoyable fictionalization of the 1973 exhibition tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. She was 29 and one of the top female tennis players in the world. He was 55 and had been a world champion before she was born. She was a feminist symbol and the first female athlete to win more than $100,000 in a single year; he was a self-avowed male chauvinist pig who liked to gamble big. It was a man vs. woman match made for maximum public-relations gimmickry but also a deadly serious referendum on equality on and off the court.
Besides, it’s an entertaining docudrama. Emma Stone as King certifies herself as an actress of considerable range after her Oscar for the romantic La La Land. Steve Carell as Riggs is playful and cunning just like Riggs, who underestimated King’s skill and savvy.

American Assassin

The characters and plot were fine. The characters initially come off as a miscast and it takes a while for them to grow on you. While the production falls short of spectacular, it has the bells and whistles to be popcorn entertaining. Keaton is the best thing in the movie.

The Hit Man’s Bodyguard

Must Go
This movie made me laugh. It does not have an intricate plot-line, it is predictable but has great lines. I will say this. With any other actors than Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson this would have been a flop. You can see the humor that Reynolds has in Deadpool and that Jackson has in Django Unchained here. I think this is what I liked the most. They also have great chemistry together.