The Mustang

No Go
Despite some great cinematography and the very able direction of her actors, first time French actor turned director Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre simply has chosen a subject that doesn’t lend itself to great drama. Part of the problem is the main character Roman; he’s basically a one-note martinet who fits the bill of the generic angry inmate.
The meat of the story is where Coleman must train a horse, he names Marquis. The movie eventually grows tedious as the expected bonding between man and animal takes place right on schedule. Much more successful is Bruce Dern as Myles, the old codger who runs the training program. Myles proves to be much livelier than the perennially glum Coleman.
Finally, there’s the very awkward ending which is designed to be both tragic and bittersweet. During the horse auction, Marquis is spooked by a helicopter passing by overhead and runs amok. Coleman is thrown to the ground and injured, leading to the closing of the horse training program. Why dream that up when the whole idea is to promote the idea of the benefits of all that bonding?
It’s a setup for Myles to clue Coleman that he can open the gates and allow Marquis to escape before he’s put down. Despite the program’s closing, Coleman will be “alright” in the knowledge that Marquis will roam free! All in all, I just didn’t buy the ending where a program of such value is so easily eliminated.


No Go
The story of Dumbo has been totally rewritten. I was expecting to see a remake of the first version but this is basically a different story with some parts inspired from the 1941 animated film.
A whole new cast of character has been added. All humans and nothing about animals like the old version.
I feel like this remake lacks love, magic, and sweetness; all the emotional part of the 1941 Dumbo is missing.
I don’t know why they made it that way but I prefer the old Dumbo.

Captain Marvel

It’s not the best marvel film ever, but this film is absolutely not the worst. I really enjoyed it, and enjoyment is the most important factor in a film. The characters and humor provide a fantastic experience, whilst keeping well balanced with detailed and entrancing action scenes
Captain Marvel however ticked all the boxes for me. The interaction between well-known characters such as Nick Fury and Coulson showed the start of the bonds of trust and friendship they have later in life. The motives behind each character’s actions were unexpected but made sense. The acting as to be expected for a Marvel Movie was top notch. The action sequences were in a word, awesome, and overall the movie was great fun to watch. I was worried that Captain Marvel would be the Superman of the Marvel universe. An overpowered hero without much motivation, other than to be good, but Marvel managed to add a depth to the character.
All in all, a great hero movie