The original was 25 years ago, so get over it. Remakes happen.
This version is highly satisfying with non-stop action. Look for a great performance from Bruce Wayne ( Batman Returns, aka Michael Keaton).
The blending of man and machine is terrific. I was a little confused about the culpability of OmniCorp but that did not interfere with my enjoyment of the story. She who must be obeyed did not want to go; but when she came out she said it was a terrific movie. Can’t ask for higher praise than that.

The Monuments Men

They play a little loose with the Nero Decree issued by Hitler 6 weeks before his death. It was about the German infrastructure destruction not specifically the art. Although Albert Speer recognized Hitler’s instability and refused to carry out the order.
As an aside, I was at the Vatican in 1970 and saw the Pieta. I was mesmerized. Three years later I was back and could only view it through a thick Plexiglas sheet because someone had attacked it with a hammer. I think the death penalty is too lenient a sentence for anyone who could do such a horrible deed.
I mourn for all the lost artifacts from the Bagdad museum and the 174 foot tall Buddha destroyed by the Taliban in March of 2001.
This is a great movie with a great ensemble cast about a little known part of World War Two.

The Lego Movie

Everything is Awesome! That is what you will be singing when you leave this movie. One of those songs you can’t get out of your head.
This movie is a hilarious adventure with batman, superman, green lantern and wonder woman all helping the everyman Emmet to save the world. It is filled with a lot of in jokes and mispronunciations of everyday items.
Emmet: [to the Master Builders] I have no experience fighting, leading or making plans. It’s going to be really hard, but I…
Metalbeard the Pirate: [Gets up from his seat, yelling] Really hard?
[Looming over Emmet]
Emmet: Woah… OK.

Be on the lookout for Wyldstyle and Unkitty too.