Ex Machina

Must Go
An excellent sci-fi film, a morality tale of artificial intelligence with echoes of Blade Runner. It is very timely with the current warnings from Steve Wozniak and Stephan Hawking that we are digging our own graves. Where is Issac Asimov with his three laws of robotics?
“Danger, Will Robinson!!”
Ava takes her place among the pantheon of great robots / androids. Some of the honorable mentions: Data from Star Trek, Ash from Aliens, Marvin from Hitchhikers Guide, Roy, Rachael, Pris from Blade Runner, Baymax from Big Heroes 6, and of course Bender from Futurama to name way too few.
She who must be obeyed had some very insightful comments when we left this movie. You will enjoy it too!