Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood

In keeping with the request from Mr. Tarantino, this review will not include any spoilers or details that might negatively impact anyone’s initial viewing of the film.
Sure, you can say the acting was great, the costume and set designs were amazing which they were, even the fact that the film had all the actors they could get their hands on. The main thing missing from this movie was a plot.
I especially loved the true-grit nature of Brad Pitt’s character (and his dog). And kudos to the rest of the cast, including DiCaprio, who flexed his considerable acting talent, and also to the young lady (Julia Butters) who played an eight-year-old actress on one of the sets.
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood demonstrates a more mellowed Quentin Tarantino touch but it’s far from a departure. I suspect audiences that normally can’t stomach the assaulting violence and shock of the Tarantino brand may very well enjoy this film.