Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Should Go
A velociraptor is the best action hero of the summer blockbuster season so far—let that sink in.
The single greatest piece of dialogue comes when Owen turns to his raptor BFF at the end of the movie: “Blue, come with me,” he implores. Blue instead prefers to roam free, along with a plethora of dinosaurs that escape the mansion.
I love Chris Pratt and the rest of the team and the greedy team of evil guys, they really make you hate them and you even clap when they get eaten by a T Rex or raptor. Blue is still our hero.
This sets up an intriguing possibility for the third entry of the Jurassic World movies, a world where dinosaurs exist among us—a paradigm shift for our entire species that could, if the franchise were so bold, lead to our own extinction. The final image of Fallen Kingdom is, fittingly, fixated on Blue, who’s overlooking a suburb.
The movie was great I absolutely loved it and I had a great time at the theater watching it I definitely recommend seeing this.